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     My flat was shining by the time their cleaners had finished working their magic. I'd definitely recommend Carpet Cleaning Services Carshalton to anyone and everyone.
Jas E19/05/2020
     This has to be one of the top cleaning services. The flat looks absolutely lovely and the cleaners got it spotless in under 4 hours! I couldn't believe it. They saved quite a few quid!
Chris A.19/09/2019
     I took action and hired a one-off cleaning service when my wife was ill. I called in the cleaners from Carpet Cleaning Services Carshalton and they did an excellent job. The friendly and competent workers covered every part of the house and afterwards the place simply sparkled with cleanliness. The cost was good and the wife happy with everywhere being so clean!
Wayne Reed14/07/2015
     I had my house built from scratch and when it was completed it needed to be cleaned before the furniture went in. I called in to the office of CarshaltonCarpetCleaners and asked for a rough estimate. What they told me was a pleasant surprise as I had expected to pay much more. On the day their team arrived on time and the job was completed within the day. I cannot find fault with this company and I would gladly recommend them to all.
G. Burton24/11/2014
     I spend the majority of my time as a carer and CarshaltonCarpetCleaners has helped free up more of my time without the need to worry about it! I also appreciate the fact that you are really flexible and come over to help at the last moment if things crop up in my life. I can definitely say that your cleaning service is a type that I haven't come across before and you are always great. I'm going to continue using your services for the foreseeable future and see no reason why not to give you the highest of recommendations!
Janice P.23/10/2014
     One of the main reasons I've never hired professional cleaners before is my rather small budget. I've always assumed that working with a professional cleaning company would prove to be too expensive and I try to make do on my own. However, my experience with CarshaltonCarpetCleaners makes me so glad I decided to follow my friend's recommendation to work with them. My house is sparkling clean and I didn't have to lift a finger and the best part is, it cost me a fraction of what I thought it would!
Leah F.19/09/2014
     Getting the place cleaned by CarshaltonCarpetCleaners when we moved out was a last minute decision, but it was a masterstroke! I have to say that I was very dubious as to how worthwhile the whole thing was, but in the end it was an incredible move. We were extremely stressed by the whole ordeal, and in all honesty, if we had had to do the cleaning ourselves, we would have been in a lot of trouble! I found the cleaners to be very nice, and particularly thorough, which was a plus in all senses!
Catherine Martin31/07/2014
     I bought an antique upholstered chair that I needed to get professionally cleaned. I was very concerned about who to hire for the job, as I really didn't want to see any damage done to the piece. A friend told me about their good experiences with CarshaltonCarpetCleaners and I'm very glad that I chose them for the job! My chair looks amazingly clean and beautiful - the job they did was really very impressive and professional. The price was more than fair - especially considering some of the quotes I'd gotten from other companies - and I've recommended this service to a lot of other furniture collectors! I'd definitely use them again in the future!
Ian J.08/07/2014
     As an artist, I always make a mess in my house. I will get paint over everything and I have supplies scattered all over every room. I eventually decided that I wanted to restore my home to a reasonable state and I knew I couldn't do it myself. CarshaltonCarpetCleaners supplied a cleaning team who went through my entire house and sorted all of my things and got rid of every plain stain. They washed walls and floors so there was no sign of any spilled paint. Since they did the job, friends have though they had come into a completely different building when they visit because of the excellent work of CarshaltonCarpetCleaners.
Helen Lance20/06/2014

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